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Kindo Planet is a Pre-Primary section of Schiller School from class Nursery to Prep. The age required for Nursery admission starts from 2+ years. Kindo Planet at our school is a vibrant centre where innovation and grandeur is reflected by the colorful setup. Filled with exhilaration and dynamism, these three to five years old are a bundle of joy to watch! Schiller believes in holistic learning approach by giving equal importance to scholastic and co-scholastic areas.

Schiller Kindo Planet follows the theory of Multiple Intelligence (Ml theory) of Howard Gardner, Montessori Development Techniques, Play Therapy, Synthetic Phonics and Occupational Therapy.


 Jolly Phonics by the legends

" Phonetics is all around us ...... but for correct pronunciation our teachers have learnt from the experts in the field of synthetic phonetics " 

How synthetic phonics is useful ?

The main focus of the school is to provide and tell the importance of reading, application of grammar concepts in both spoken and written environment, critical and independent  thinking and creative writing as the necessary life skills which kids need to be able to perform to their full potential leading to academic success & better career opportunities in this highly competitive world.

With this method, children are taught the English alphabetic code in a simple but structured way. 

Hustle - Bustle

(Play Therapy and Development Centre)

Child Development Centre is headed by specialized Child Psychologist who uses a variety of specialized assessments and tests to determine whether a child is meeting the criteria for certain diagnosis of various traits and skills. It is a place where various motor skills are developed. Let’s peep into the classroom of our KINDO PLANET, filled with excitement and energy. These activities provide a right array to help the children to move towards achieving their early learning goals.


Cognitive Development


Kindo Planet is a Brain Child of our Director

Phonics Books - land !!

(Kindo Reading Club)

English language learning platform is given to the kids in specialized worldwide accepted technique of Synthetic Phonics. It is a targeted learning program exclusively in our school which is customized for individual requirements. The program is fun based interactive and particularly suitable for children. It assures a story foundation for kids. It is a structured program to learn English.




Planting and growing seeds with kids by telling them the Plants, like all living things, have basic needs that must be met for them to survive. These essential needs include: Sunlight, Air, Water, Seed, Soil (source of nutrition ) space to live and grow and optimal  temperature.There is an easy acronym to help remember basic plants need to survive and thrive.    

Growing seeds with kids is stupendous experience as they love to be a part of the process of sowing the seeds, watering and so on by which they all get to know the importance of life and how plants are necessary for our healthy environment and life.


Role of Activities In Child Development:

Activities play is an important in the childhood development. Through various activities children learn about shapes, color,  cause and effect. Besides cognitive thinking, activities helps the child in learning social and psychomotor skills. Activities also convey to the child the feelings of joy, fear , sorrow, and anxiety.....

Schiller framework

Schiller comes under top schools in Ghaziabad. Schillerites are at the heart and center of the framework. High expectations for their achievement are paramount. Schiller’s framework identifies practices to support educators for success and enable all schillerites to achieve the ambitious outcome with-

  • Personalization

  • Precision

  • Professional Learning

  • Programs & Pathways



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