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Best CBSE School In Ghaziabad

For more than 42 years, we have offered an education that broadens perspectives, sharpens minds, strengthens bodies and engage hearts. At Schiller, we foster an ethos of kindness and collaboration between Schillerites —not academic competition. We inspire and support one another and we strive to make students of all backgrounds feel valued. Schiller has a long, proud tradition of scholarly, artistic and athlete excellence. We provide a rigorous academic curriculum with small classes taught by expert educators. Schillerites aren’t just book-smart. Schillerites are imaginative, analytical and empathetic, excel as artists, athletes and performers.

What is Unique ?

We limit 'Quantity' to provide 'Quality'

Schiller has a niche in Science and Technology. The vision of the School leaders aims at imparting Advance Scientific Skills in students with the use of latest Technology.

We provide expert faculty, healthy environment, best technology and a wonderful learning expereince to the students.

We have an alumni of over 3000 Students who are very well placed all over the world and still remember their outstanding school-life of Schiller School.

Friedrich Schiller
Schiller School difference

Cultivating Excellence,
       Ingenuity and Creativity


We share the passion for learning. Educators at Schiller understand how important it is to engage students-and difficult that can be. Engagement is the gateway to unleashing the Schillerites imaginations. That’s why we’ve spent so much time and energy to understanding how to achieve that engagement and developing innovative ways to acquire it. Our educators are dedicated ourselves to advancing their teaching traits into reality in every Schillerite.


Schiller goal is to meet -student outcomes, parent satisfaction and community relationship. Doing this rests on how our educators create transformative learning environments, rooted in the best practices of social & emotional learning, that help teachers teach and students learn. When classroom transform into places where it’s safe to explore and discover- schillerites flourish. “Physically & Psychologically” both.


Schiller welcomes every child to a collection of resources to help their complete effective research as a student in the digital world. The resources and educators at Schiller will guide you to the essential steps in completing a research project, from searching and finding information to best practice in referencing and citing using digital tools. It will develop their creative and critical thinking.and it enables you to experience the excitement of intellectual discovery; carrying out an investigation into an academic topic that is of real interest to Schillerites.


Schillerite are having a global view. We are empowering a transformative future. Global roots, gain a sense of place, and sow seedlings in the earth. Schillerites engage with their international peers on global issues such as climate change, healthy food access, and water scarcity. Students also share strategies for local change-making with international peers. “Think Globally, Act Locally”.


Schiller has a niche in Science and Technology which is evident with the Solar Car “Aura” made by the students of class IX – XII. Solar car made by Arnav and his team recently has been a winner of the prestigious competition Asia Pacific Conference of young Scientist Award which was at International platform among 14 different countries and Nationwide. Solar car has received gold Medal and INR 1 Lakh. They have proved that-
“Dream is not the thing you see in sleep, but it is the thing that doesn’t let you sleep.”


Schiller School has a very vibrant community of students, teachers and parents. Every day contains a new excitement and everyone remain excited about what they might experience each day. We are having multiple activities like excursions, talk shows, club activities, cultural activities, Sports events etc. happening around the campus almost every week with students of different age groups. Come and experience this difference with us !! You can learn more about our activities by visiting school forum.

  • Fit sports: Specific skill-based teaching of games by experts in the relevant sports like Archery, Football, Cricket, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Athletics, Chess, and Yoga with specific syllabi for each class/level.

  • State of the Art International standard Courts.

  • Participation in all district, state and national level matches/competitions.

  • Regular and periodic Fitness tests for all classes.

  • Football Field and Cricket Ground.

  • Our school is surrounded by large green open spaces. These provide a calm and conducive atmosphere for learning.

  • This helps children to prepare for various competitions and further enhances the competitive and team spirit in them.



At Schiller, we continuously thrive and work to improve ourselves. We try to keep our School always updated with the latest infrastructure, technology, teaching methods and knowledge. We always try to come up to the expectations of our students and parents. We believe that perfection is a continuous effort and our parent's feedback helps us in achieving it.


Nestled in an idyllic location in the middle of the Garden of RAJNAGAR, At Schiller we are fortunate to live in 2 acres of beautiful Ghaziabad. The School is also within easy reach of National Capital Region.
The bustling modern township of Raj Nagar Extension, NH-24,Crossing Republic is a short drive away.