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SRC (Schiller Research Club) was founded in the year 2017 by Arnav Gupta (then a student of class 11th). SRC provides a platform where students from all the classes and backgrounds can interact for mutual development of Science and Technology. Students are given an environment, inspiration and regular motivation to drive interest in the field while keeping in mind, the objective of exchange of ideas with luminaries of different disciplines, feasibility and planning. The club houses in a state of the art research laboratory. The SRC lab is loaded with latest tools and materials that young scientists need to give shape to their wonderful ideas. The students are guided by successful mentors who have a passion for science and technology.


  • Harness, sustain and augment space technology for national development, while pursuing space science research and planetary exploration.

  • To create scientific temperament and environment among students through close interactions among themselves.

  • To promote intellectual activities of science and technology by conducting seminars, Exhibitions, debates, lectures, conferences, symposia etc. and even by inviting eminent experts of both national and international repute from various disciplines.

  • To create awareness among the students regarding latest developments in various fields of space, science and technology.

  • To promote reading habits and library culture among students by disseminating scientific and technical information relevant to their work.

  • To exchange scientific ideas among fellow students.

  • Exploring the secrets of the universe for the benefit of all.


  • The SRC Lab is a space for students to create their ideas into reality and get the right material and mentorship.

  • The Lab is equipped with instruments and tools that are hard to find in a school's lab. 

  • SRC members have 24/7 access to the laboratory and can access the lab using their School ID Cards at anytime

  • The Lab provides a unique exciting environment that promotes innovation and creativeness in the students

  • Students can develop any ideas they have with unlimited resources or can work on a specific project for competitions etc.


  • Nikola Tesla Science Exhibition

  • Night Sky gazing camps with state of the art telescope handeled by students

  • Weekley meetings, where students are introduced with cutting edge research going around in the world

  • Training students to be able to use basic hand tools like; soldering machine, drill machine and hand power tools

  • Training students to do rapid prototyping and testing of ideas

  • Training all kinds of Robotics (Arduino/Raspberry pi based) tech

  • Guest lectures from renowned national and international institues such as IITs, NITs and International Univesities

  • Regular visits to Science Museums and regular Science fiction movie shows

  • Making students participate and win in various science comptitions and fairs at all levels


  • INSPIRE Awards

  • Manak Awards

  • CSIR Awards

  • Nikola Tesla Science Exhibition

  • Milset Regional Science fair

  • Asia Pacific Conference of Young Scientists

  • Intel Science Fair

  • Google Science Fair

  • Indian Navy Quiz Thinkq

  • CBSE Science Exhibition

  • National Science Congress




  • HAB (High Altitude Balloon)

  • Airplane Crash Locator


SRC visits ISRO, Kerala to witness live Rocket Launch and the legacy of Dr. Vikram Sarabhai

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