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If you want to have a healthy and satisfying future so you have to focus on your goals not on the people and other distractions .The real meaning of achieving your goal is not the rewards you get but the person you become from your hardwork and mentality. lets have an example when the players of a team play together and with leadership , it determines their success. Similarly if you want to achieve success in your academics or any other field than you have to remember about these factors in your daily life. The following factors are given below.

Time Management - time management is the time period in which you can do or divide to do your daily task or work on a particular time which we have planned before.

Education - Education is a term refers to the instance of transmitting knowledge, skills , way of learning, capacity of thoughts and ideas.

Positive mental attitude - It is a behavior or an attitude holding by a person in which something influences motivating thouhts , it also helps in representing a confident personality, in which you are satisfied with your do's and don'ts.

Persistence - It is a quality that allows someone to continue doing something even if does not have the potential to do it or opposed by other people in similar ways like challenges.

Make sure not to compare - Nowdays most of the children and parents compares thier child from other children that they are scoring better than thier child, which ultimately demotivates the child . everyone should remember that everyone posses different specialty and talents in which they are interested.

Checking previous and present results - when you have your present results just check that have you improved than before if yes ,it means that there is a quite progress in your results. which will help you to have better grades in future.

Resillience - It is the process in which you adapt success to difficult or life challenging problems especially through emotional , mental and behavioral flexibility.


Something that is successful achieves it was delibrate to achieve. No matter how much the situation is difficut , try to face it never step back from challenges . Be confident on yourself and ' hardwork is the key to success', do remember about this quote when you are doing work for success. Don't worry about your result, just focus on your goals and one day your hardwork will pay off. Just believe on yourself.

Riya sharma

8 A


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