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Impact of Artificial Intelligence

Hey everyone! I'm here to talk about something really cool and honestly a bit mind-blowing—Artificial Intelligence (AI). You've probably heard about it, maybe in movies or TV shows or news. But what exactly is AI? In simple terms, AI is like giving a computer or a robot a brain, not just any brain, but one that can learn, think, and make decisions. The catch is that if one Tesla (robot) car learns How to turn better, all the Tesla cars in the world will learn instantly, because they are all connected. Have you ever noticed Youtube suggesting new content to you, or Spotify building you a playlist, or Amazon suggesting what book you might like? That's AI in action!

My father, an AI expert in Toronto, the motherland of AI, said to me once, the one thing that AI is good at is making predictions. It can sift through massive amounts of data, find patterns that humans might miss, and use those patterns to predict what might happen next. This superpower of prediction is changing the game in almost every industry. Let me give you some examples of AI in action.


Have you ever heard of Google's Verily? In a project in Bangalore they use AI to predict diseases like diabetes by examining images of the eye - Retinopathy. This is super important because early prediction can lead to early treatment, which in this case saved over ten thousand lives in one year. Overall, AI is coming to help and replace many elements of the Healthcare industry. Jobs that are repetitive and monotonous, AI will do a much better job at them. Jobs that are more creative and have decision making elements to them, will be supported by AI.


Even in education, AI is making its mark. Teachers will eventually start offloading cognitive load to AI algorithms to create and mark the tests. If I become a teacher, I think anything that is boring I will give it to the AI, so that I can focus on teaching the students in the most creative ways and add value in their lives. AI can predict which areas students might struggle with, allowing teachers to provide extra help before the student falls behind. We might also start seeing AI-powered educational games adapting to one’s individual learning style, making learning more effective and fun.


I just watched a Prime series called Poacher. And it made me extremely sad to see how some humans treat animals. This made me think, how AI can be used in environmental conservation. It can predict where illegal logging or poaching might happen, helping conservationists protect endangered species and forests before it's too late. Now, think bigger. In weather forecasting, AI analyzes data from satellites, weather stations, and even ocean buoys to predict storms or hurricanes. This helps in preparing for disasters way ahead of time, saving not just properties but lives and ecosystems.

I believe AI is making our lives better, safer, and more sustainable. However, as little as I understand, we have to be careful of two things:

1. AI not falling into the wrong hands. Two planes that brought two towers down killed a few thousands. AI will be much more catastrophic.

2. AI supports and does not replace humans. Sadhguru says, if that happens it can cause huge mental problems in society.

As an 11-year-old girl witnessing these advancements, it feels like we're stepping into a future where the possibilities are limitless. The key will be to harness this power responsibly, ensuring that we design and control the AI that benefits all of humanity. What an exciting time to be alive, right?




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