Our Founders

Our founders laid down the foundation of Schiller Institute Sr. Secondary School in the year 1980. Schiller has lived 38 years of journey of excellence in education. The School has always been privileged with its association with the German Embassy, German Ambassadors and Foreign Dignitaries.

– Dr. D.K. Mittal & Mrs. Santosh Mittal

Dr. D.K. Mittal 

While the people of Ghaziabad City were still recovering from the great post Independence events, Dr. Mittal being a great visionary realized that there was a need of good Educational Institutes that will not only teach Science and Maths but will also preach our rich history and Art. Dr. Mittal was a passionate Artist, his artwork went famous across globe as he travelled to different countries gathering and spreading knowledge. Many foreign delegates and visionaries could understand his vision and even came to Ghaziabad city to see Dr. Mittal's vision coming into reality. His poetic and philosophical knowledge was exceptional, he wrote many books and even published some for School children. No wonder that the name 'Schiller' came from the last name of his most admired German Poet 'Friedrich Schiller' and a series of foreign national personnel started visiting and organizing inter-country competitions way back in the 80s. 

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Schiller framework

Schiller comes under top schools in Ghaziabad. Schillerites are at the heart and center of the framework. High expectations for their achievement are paramount. Schiller’s framework identifies practices to support educators for success and enable all schillerites to achieve the ambitious outcome with-

  • Personalization

  • Precision

  • Professional Learning

  • Programs & Pathways




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