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Welcome to Schiller Wellbeing Centre



At the Schiller Wellbeing Centre, we take care with compassion of the entire schiller school community. Counselling is a scientific way to help people focus on their problems and work on the solutions. We strongly believe in the uniqueness of every personality and therefore we at work compassionately to raise our students to gain insight and self-awareness to manage emotions and maintain positive mind sets. We provide the safest place to connect and introspect under mindful guidance to explore maximum potential of self. Scientific approach and research-based techniques like mindfulness practice and Art therapy are being used by our trained counsellor for early interventions of psychological issues to bring comfort and accelerate positive and productive growth.


Individual counselling

  • Stress management

  • Aggression management

  • PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) Counselling

  • Substance abuse management

  • Suicide prevention 

  • Phobia

Group counselling

  • Peer counselling services

  • Anti-bulling squad 

  • Adolescent counselling

  • Parental counselling


  • Effective Parenting Strategies to boost holistic development

  • Framework of counselling children to maintain healthy and positive mindset.

  • Good touch and Bad touch: Inculcating healthy habits to practice morality.

Life-skills training

  • Life-skills training (Phase-1, Thinking skills)

  • Life-skills training (Phase-2, Social skills)

  • Life-skills training (Phase-3, Emotional Skills)



Regular Yoga and Meditation sessions

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