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Making of 'AURA 2.0'

Solar Car launched by Schillerites has already won laurels for the School in Asia Pacific conference of young scientist by winning Gold medal & INR 1 Lakh amongst 14 countries in 2016. This year again Schillerites have made us proud by coming up with another version of Solar Car (Aura 2.0) with advanced inbuilt features which is equipped with lead-acid batteries. It will contribute in making our country pollution free as no harmful emissions are emitted by using solar cars. Apart from that solar cars do not require any expense for running as it works on the energy obtained from the sun, which is then converted into electric energy for the running of the car.



  • It can accommodate 5 persons

  • It runs on Solar energy

  • It can cover a distance of 160 Kms in one charge

  • It is capable of replacing current commercial vehicles.


Solar Car 'AURA' Initiative taken in 2016

Schiller Research Club students marked their footsteps in the history of inventions and research. They made Schiller family proud by making energy efficient Solar Car - 'Aura'. Showcasing solar car in school's Annual Function 'Nirvana' to all parents and students. Solar car appreciated by Dr. PB Sharma (Ex Vice Chancellor of DTU) All Praises from our Hon'ble District Magistrate Mr. Vimal Kumar Sharma to Schillerites. Solar car gained appreciation in Media and a report was showcased on IBN7 News Channel.

SRC Club President says:

I am proud to announce that we SRCians have built a solar electrical vehicle AURA. It was really a big challenge for us to do something like this which has never been done before in any school, but at the same time it was our chance to prove ourselves and show what we young scientists can do. My club members along with me worked day and night on this project which was nearly impossible at our level and as a result, yes, we did made a car which was a blend of our imagination and needed no fuel to move (except sunrays) and is pollution free vehicle. It is capable of carrying 5 passengers at a time, with a top speed of 60 km/hr. It can cover a distance of 160 kms. It was really a proud moment for me and my club members, my teachers, my school and everyone without whom this project would have been impossible. As it is rightly said: "Knowledge is limited imagination encircling the world" - Albert Einstein.

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