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                     Friedrich Schiller

                                          (German poet)

               10 November 1759, Marbach am Neckar, Germany

                            - 9 May 1805, Weimar, Germany


Our primary objective is to facilitate the all-round development of all children in a safe and nurturing environment, enabling every child to develop into a well-adjusted, confident, free-thinking global citizen.
Schiller seeks to empower each student to actualize their potential, to be confident in their endeavors whilst imbibing values of humility, work ethic, honesty, duty, and legacy. 
True Education means preparation for life and moves beyond the confines of academics and extra-curricular activities. We aim to help a student develop emotionally and spiritually through a strong value system that has been incorporated into the curriculum. Schiller seeks to instill the time-tested values in children to ensure that in their process of growing up, they learn to be honest, compassionate, truthful, sincere and well-rounded citizens.


“The School was established in the year 198o under the aegis Schiller Institute Society. The school is from Nursery to XII and is affiliated to C.B.S.E. Board. life at Schiller revolves around a commitment to Academic Excellence, Intellectual growth and high standards of Ethical Awareness.” The objective of Schiller Senior Secondary School is to develop its students into responsible, well-informed, environmentally aware citizens and useful members of society. It proposes to achieve by:

  • Helping the students to develop a thirst for knowledge and to acquire it not by role but through understanding and by doing.

  • Discovering and developing individual potentials.

  • Acquainting them with various facets of fast emerging information technology.

  • Sensitizing them to our rich cultural heritage.

  • Evolving a stringent moral value system and positive work ethos for those involved in the school.

  • Providing an environment of :-

  • Competence and competitiveness.

  • Persistence and steadfast self-belief.

  • Frequent achievements

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