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3 Step easy Admission process

designed for Regular admissions as well as specifically for Transfers and Remotely located parents


From September 1st week of the preceding  year

  1. Filling of registration forms that are available online on website and in school (can be submitted online)

  2. Phone call from admission counsellor and setting up a meeting time (Virtually or Physically)

  3. Procurement of Prospectus ( available on school website and in School )

Interaction with the Admission Counsellor

(Mon - Sat) at pre-decided meeting time with counsellor 

  1. Interaction of admission counsellor with child.

  2. Briefing about School facilities and sharing logistics.

  3. School visit (Virtually or Physically).

  4. Oral or written admission test as per need.

  5. Parents need to come with previous class result of their child.

  6.  Procurement of School brochure and Magazine (Shakuntalam)

Final step - Admission. Yay !!

(Mon - Sat)  on the time given

  1. Interaction with chairman Sir if needed

  2. Verification of documents as listed in registrations.

  3. Filling up the admission form. 

  4. Payment formalities ( available Online also ). 

  5. Interaction of child and parent with the class teacher and academic coordinator 

  6. Procurement of school Software Username and passwords.

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