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Breaking Down Success: Goals and Values

Yes, I support that we are needed with some of the goals and values to break down success in our life.

Goals and Values to break down success are:-

1) Life Planning: Planning out your life doesn’t mean having every minute of every day mapped out. Instead, life planning is a process of creating a generalized guide of what your life purpose is, what you hope to accomplish during your lifetime, and how you aim to work towards those life goals. Life plans often include an estimated timeline of when you hope your goals come to fruition and also take bumps on the road into account. Ultimately, life is full of surprises, and we cannot possibly predict unforeseen events. As such, life plans are often works-in-progress, should be amended as life goes on, and preferably, are flexible rather than rigid blueprints.

2) Effective Communication: Effective communication is the linchpin of personal and professional success. It facilitates understanding, builds relationships, resolves conflicts, and propels individuals to leadership positions. Embracing the principles of clarity, active listening, empathy, and feedback can make you a more influential and impactful communicator.

3) Growth Mindset: The concept of a growth mindset was first introduced by Dr. Carol Dweck , an American psychologist. Dr. Dweck posited that our mindset can play a major role in whether or not we succeed at anything, be it work, school, art, or sports. People with growth mindsets see abilities, talents, and intelligence as something one can learn and improve through their own hard work .On the contrary, she says someone with a fixed mindset sees those same traits as set in stone and unchangeable.

4) Clear Goals: Clear goals are specifically defined goals as described by the CLEAR acronym. When you’re using the process of goal setting to help you accomplish your objectives, it’s always better to set goals that are clearly defined, and that have specific criteria for success.

5) Values and Principles: Values and principles have been used as a guide since dawn of time. But, for many years this idea have been forgotten .values and beliefs , attitudes and opinions that people gold in their life. Your values are the beliefs and principles that you believe are important in the way that you live and work. They should determine your priorities, and guide your decisions and the way you act towards others. When the things that you do, and the way that you behave.

6) Persistence: Persistence is the quality or state of being persistent, or the act or fact of persisting. It means continuing to do something or try to do something even though it is difficult or opposed by other people. It can also mean the continuance of an effect after its cause is removed. Some synonyms of persistence are perseverance, determination, tenacity, and stick-to-it-iveness.

Sanskar Agarwal



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