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Impact of AI

Yes, I do agree that we are diving into the world of AI and it’s very convenient in today’s globally active world and impacts our life but I feel that AI is doing more harm than good.

Impacts of AI are :-

1) Costly :- It is costly to create a machine that can be like human intelligence.

2) No creativity :- AI is capable of learning over time with prefed data and past experience ; for example – a ‘smart watch’ when my mother checked her blood pressure from smart watch it used to be normal and manual BP measuring machine used to tell different and accurate reading.

3) Unemployment :- use of robots and chatbots will lead to unemployment and make humans lazy, like in case of robotics surgeries in medical fields. Robots along with AI , will take over surgeon’s work in near future.

4) No improvement :- you can take a simple example of GEN-AI machine ALEXA at every other household ; It repeatedly makes you hear sportify songs again and again or which ever app you have linked it with. If you want to hear different songs like on radio stations, You have to manually alter it’s codes.

5) Privacy of individuals :- Few months back we heard that AIMS hospital’s all departments were shut down due to hacking of their data ; Due to which patient and staffs suffered a lot. Now a days we are hearing that ICMR ( Indian council of medical research’) covid patient’s data is missing. When these individual credentials go to bad actors they misuse them and dark web is notorious for all these crimes.

The most recent example of princess kate middleton of United kingdom ; where she is operated for abdominal surgery in jan 2024 and has been missing from public eye since Christmas last year. Her recuperation story is subject of conspiracy theories that the Buckingham palace tried to quell by releasing a photo showing her with her kids recently. The photo was doctored and fuelled more rumours , forcing kate to issue a personal apology and an excuse about experimenting with photo editing.

If an institution as wrapped in tradition as the British royal family – nominally , also the head of government can manipulate photos, how far will new age celebrities or unscrupulous governments with access to latest AI tools go to influence public perceptions.

6) Weaponisation :- As now a days ISRAEL & HAMAS war is going on AI automated weapons are being used ; Aeroplanes, marine ships, robot controlled weapons can cause havac and wipe out civilization.

Most recently 28 countries and European union have reached on agreement on testing new AI models before they were released.

According to Elon must ceo of TESLA ; AI can be disruptive for jobs. Every innovation had led to “ Transformation “ of workforce. But AI will be a lot more RAPID than previous innovations so companies and countries need to make their strategies of SKILLING.

I feel that it may be useful as well as harmful and we should balance it’s use in our lives.

Devanshi bakshi

8 B


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