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Importance Of Experiential Learning

We have all learned to walk or talk, not by being displayed or told, but by practising and refining our technique.

I believe “Knowledge isn’t power until it is applied.”

Experiential learning, a new method in education and a student-centric approach which aims to occupy the students in the direct experiences and its actual experimentation. It emphasises on detaching the old method of theoretical knowledge and mugging up the syllabus which ignores the root concepts. It focuses on the concept of “Learning by doing” hence engaging the students in hand-on experiences, field trips, internship, project-based learning, activities and experimentation so that they are able to relate the theories and ideas of the classroom to real world situations. Experiential learning is worth it once students build deep connections with conceptual classroom topics and direct experiencing. Experiential learning inculcates a plethora of opportunities for the child hence upgrading their interest and curiosity.

Experiential learning is an effective technique to prepare students to become sharp individuals who are ready to join and lead the workforce and withstand the challenges of adulthood!

Jivika Pushkarna

PRT, English

Schiller Institute Sr. Sec. School


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