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Importance Of Punctuality

William Shakespeare rightly said, “Better three hours soon than a minute late”.

As a result, being early and waiting is preferable to being late. It's a habit of acting appropriately at the suitable time, on any given day, in a much broader sense. The importance of punctuality if taught to students at their early age will help them in their entire life.

It will help them to keep their life organized and disciplined. They schedule their day so that every minute will be utilized. Inculcating the value of punctuality will help the child to understand the value or we can say in other words the worth of time. Children require guidance at all time .Sometimes they make mistakes so being a educator its our responsibility to guide them at each and every step .

As it is truly being observed that a punctual student is always positive in his or her behaviour which helps him or her to complete his or her task on time and seldom disappoint the one who trust them or form on them. A punctual child is also valued by his or her immediate social environment.

All the educator must act as the motivator to encourage them to become punctual and recognise their accomplishments. Hence,

I strongly believe any work done with punctuality leads to the smooth flow of work, and perfection can be easily gained. Punctuality also helps to attain peace of mind and satisfaction in one’s life.

Vanjul Yadav

TGT, English

Schiller Institute Sr. Sec. School


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