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Mindset Paves The Way For Transformation

“Hammer in skilful hands."

We have often seen people using hammer to break the stones. They forcefully hit the stone and that breaks the stone into uneven pieces. No one cares about the shapes and sizes of those stones. These uneven pieces are further used with cement and remain hidden forever under the beautiful constructions. No one feels their presence though they are one of the essential components of building materials.

Let us talk about another example of beautifully crafted Ajanta Ellora caves, the largest rock cut temple, pride of Indian Heritage. The common element was stone yet the hands holding the hammer matters a lot. The skill to transform stones into masterpieces, are "The Skilful Hands".

Now we can brainstorm on:

Who are we? , how can we have skilful hands?

The answers are hidden in the mindsets of our practices to think. Yes, it is the mindset that guide us to learn, work, perform or present the self accordingly. Mindset can be positive or growth mindset, negative or fixed mindset Distorted thinking pattern like stereotypic thoughts, judgemental attitude or biasness develops negative or fixed mindset. With this mindset it is very difficult to have skilful hands. The pitch of the voice may be louder yet the words remain meaningless, unheard and the action remains unproductive.

No one can create masterpiece without skilful hands. Self-analysis, Self-awareness, and mindful practices create positive or growth mindset. Having this mindset is a wonderful asset. One can only have a skilful hand with developing positive or growth mindset.

Benefits of having positive or growth mindset:

  • Productive growth

  • Self confidence

  • Great decision making

  • Good physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing

  • Happiness with satisfaction


It does not matter how much we think, but how productive it is. Productivity comes with positive mindset and positive mindset develops with practice. The choice is always open, we need to choose the healthy practice of thinking, because we get what we think.

Karuna Priti Singh

School Counsellor

Schiller Institute Sr. Sec. School


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