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Redefining healthcare: Well-being Away From the Madding People

If you lose money you lose something but if you lose health you lose everything.

In today’s fast moving world, we often tend to ignore our health over money. We neglect our health by doing overtime in our workplaces to just earn a little more. We frequently hear about people getting Cardiac Arrest at very young age like in there 30’s or 40’s which was impossible about 30 years back. All of this betides because of stress and depression.

One of the best stress buster is ‘travelling’.

The experience of traveling is one of the most amazing ways to learn a lot about life. Every year, millions of people travel around the world to many different places. People travel for a variety of reasons, from learning more to enjoying a break from their daily lives. We can explore the world beyond our imagination and indulge in a variety of things when we travel, no matter what the reason. In the summer vacation, everyone loves to travel to different places and spend time with their families and friends.

Children love to visit their grandparents during the summer break. And so I did. I went to visit my grandparents during this prolonged summer vacation. I went to a very small town named Kumardubi in the Dhanbad district of Jharkhand state. I enjoyed it a lot there with my siblings and my cousins. Less pollution, more fresh air and greenery, beautiful landscape and a perfect place to live in. What I observed there was the people live their lives stress free and without taking too much unnecessary tension. Though they earn very little, they still live their lives joyfully. Whereas in the developed cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chandigarh etc. you would see most of the people suffering from anxiety, stress, depression and nervousness and what not! There(in Jharkhand) and other less urbanized cities you would hear normal conversation between people but in Delhi its common that you would hear people talking about stress, mental depressions, suicide commits and many other things that do not resemble random and normal conversations.

The National Institutes of Health says," The overall prevalence of coronary heart disease among adults based on clinical and ECG criteria was estimated at 96.7 per 1000 and 27.1 per 1000 in the urban and rural populations, respectively." This Coronary Heart disease occurs when plaque build-ups in the wall of arteries. The plaque is made up of Cholesterol deposits. This even determines the daily appetite of the people of both the urban and the rural cities.

Now I would like to draw your attention back to the beautiful journey I accumulated in the past 20 days. I used to go for a walk every day with my aunt and my cousins, and I would observe the people sitting outside their houses on charpais, enjoying the gentle breeze. This was unlike the people in urban cities, who would rarely go out to relax and feel the cool wind, instead opting to stay indoors under the ACs, contributing to the rising carbon emissions rate. Another thing I noticed was that almost every house had a mango tree, which not only provided delicious and sweet mangoes but also helped to combat global warming. Another thing I saw there was that almost every house had a mango tree which not only gives delicious and sweet mangoes but also aids in improving global warming. All of us know that every year India experiences a severe heat wave and many people lose their lives. So, planting more and more Mango trees can definitely help in countering such extreme weather events. Each mango tree absorbs 81 tons of carbon and releases 200 tons of oxygen into the air during its lifetime. It has a cooling effect of 5 AC which is maintained for 1000 hours!

Through this article I don’t say that I am against any infrastructural development or Urbanization but I clearly want to spotlight the significance of our environment, health and well-being because nature only gives back to the people who help nature. There should certainly be a midway where both environment and urbanization should run parallelly.

Though the people living in the rural areas have less money but they live a carefree, stress free and healthier life. They tend to live in a better mental space than the people living in the urban cities. This is truly a fact that money is not propositional to happiness.





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